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“Empowering top management to make data-driven decisions with ease”

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions (DWBI Solutions) is a cutting-edge data warehouse and business intelligence solutions company. Harnessing six years of intensive research, advanced algorithms, and the team’s long industrial experience, DWBI enables top management at governments and other large organizations to easily obtain the data they need to make decisions.

Large organizations and governments usually collect data on many different systems. Combining the data to generate specific reports can be painful and time-consuming.  DWBI Solutions automates this: the company has developed a sophisticated portal that collects data from multiple sources, transforms it into a unified format, and loads it into a central data warehouse repository. It can also create user-friendly statistical reports.

This product has already acquired recognition from large entities globally, including Telecom Malaysia, SAS, and Sybase. In addition, it has won gold medals worldwide.

The Medals DWBI Solution have won are:

  • Best Award in Malaysia Technology Expo 2011 (MTE 2010).
  • Gold medal in Malaysia Technology Expo 2011 (MTE 2010).
  • Silver Medal in Seoul International Invention Fair 2011 (SIIF 2011), South Korea.
  • Gold medal in Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 (MTE 2011).
  • Bronze Medal in International Trade Fair (IENA 2012), Germany

Contact Info,

Website: www.dwbi-s.com

Email:      info@dwbi-s.com


Dr. Eng. Mohammed Awad

Founder & CEO

Ph.D. in SE from UUM.
M.Sc. in IT from UUM.
B.Sc. in CE from IUG.


Ramzi Shbair

Financial & Marketing Manager

B.Sc. in Financial and Banking Science from QOU
Diploma in Financial and Banking Science from GTC


Eng. Abdullah Abu Nada

Chief Technology Officer

B.Sc. in Software engineer from UOP


Ahmad Al Saqqa

Senior Developer

B.Sc. in Software engineer from UOP